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Thinking Out Loud

When I was asked to write a blog. One thought ran through my head.

Do folks really want to hear what I have to say?

My mom explained that a blog is just someone thinking out loud and that my voice/opinion matters. So here's my opinion.

We have to slow down. We are moving too fast. Rushing from place to place. Trying to exist within these ridiculous time restraints. That we are losing sight of what's important - living. Which are, living to spend quality time with our family. Living to spend meaningful time with our friends. Living to spend much needed time with ourselves.

To hangout, I prefer the beach. The sound of the waves and feel of sand between my toes. Allows my mind to be in the moment. I talk to myself- sometimes out loud 😃 but I'm also listening to myself. I remind myself of what I like. What I don't like. I'm kinder to myself for making mistakes. Especially, when I didn't know something. I'm also stern with myself for making 'informed mistakes'. It happens because I'm moving too fast and forget.

This thing called life we're in it to the end. It's up to every individual on how they want to live theirs. For me, I'm living my life to the fullest. Expressing myself. Loving myself and cherishing my time with myself. While keeping the planet clean and healthy because there isn't a Planet B 🌎

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