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Avoiding Burnout and Failure




Man, I'm not too fond of that word.

Blog blog blog blogging blog. It's an awful-sounding word. At least "tweet" is cute. But blog? Uck. I say that word, I forever envision some fat-bellied toad creature, some slick-bellied beast sitting in a pile of effluence, and sometimes the beast opens its greasy maw and crassly belches forth a toxic cloud, a cloud that smells like someone filled a balloon with vomit or the mystery meat your school sold back in 5th grade and then threw it into a bonfire.

So, basically, I envision Snooki.

Still, this is irrelevant to the discussion. It is regardless if you care to use words that are made up.

This post is all about writing a book while not suffering from burnout or depression.

First, you need to know I wasn't supposed to write this book.

I wrote a short story while bored in class, and that evolved into a book; the original story was really about working on my writing so I could do better in English class. Still, I was bored and had a story I wanted to tell.

Oh, also? A global pandemic happened.

But this was all meant to show my starting point when I started writing Eerily Wrinkling and the Prodigal Return. I went through many struggles during the process and nearly had a mental breakdown...twice. But the work forced me to learn things that I now use to keep myself going no matter what I face, and today I am going to share them with you.

1. Don't Internalize Criticism

Whether it's related to an in-depth article you spent weeks working on or a short social media post you cranked out quickly with confidence, every writer gets revision requests or feedback from readers and clients that may come as a surprise or annoyance. Most of the time, however, such actions are meant to be constructive and beneficial. It is essential to know if you internalize the cruel things people say to you, it won't hurt them; it will only help you. There were many times when I could feel my will breaking, and the dark thoughts everyone had harbored at some point slowly began to consume me. I may not know what you're going through, but I know that nothing is impossible so long as you have the will and want to achieve it.

2. Learn to Say 'No'

Avoid burnout by not putting too much on your plate at any given time. For instance, if you already have a few big projects to work on, don't take on another one that will also take up a lot of your time to the point where you're overwhelmed. If you are having people review your work, be open to improving it, but if there are things you want in there, add them. Every writer ever has added something they regret or wish they expanded on, but ultimately, your goal should always be to enjoy the story you wrote and not feel like an imposter.

3. Love What You Do

Write what you like; don't feel pressured to write what is popular or what others tell you to. Writing is the ultimate form of creative expression, and as such, you should feel free to write what you want.

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Smelling the Roses

Unsure when I first heard the saying 'take time to smell the roses'. But I can definitely recall the numerous times when I was told to slow down, have patience, or just breath. It wasn't that I was career focused or spending to much time with school work. I just appreciate moving fast and getting things done.

I also am one of the 6.1 million kids between the ages of 2 and 17 that have been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder also known as ADHD. What exactly is ADHD? Well, it's a brain disorder. It doesn't mean that the person who has it may have a learning disability. Most children with ADHD have a combination of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity and would be diagnosed with ADHD-combined presentation. Broken down you cannot tell someone like me to 'calm down' or 'focus harder' or my least favorite 'meditate'. Brain imaging studies have shown that people with ADHD have structurally different brains than people without ADHD. It is also heriditary.

Personally, I find it difficult to organize my thoughts. I know what I want to say but it takes me a little longer to have the words come from my brain to my mouth. I often get tired of waiting and just say whatever I feel. Others may have difficulty misplacing their homework or important papers. We all pretty much share the misfortunate of lack of planning or thinking ahead. We tend to 'live in the moment'. That sometimes means forgetting where we put our keys, or appointment even that we are cooking something, many pots and pans have been damaged - rip pots and pans.

So how do I function on the daily basis? Well, I am consistanly aware of my short comings - like everyone else I have them. Proper nutrition - stay of away from processed foods. Exercise, I am definitely happier when I am outside. Before we start our day my family and I walk for about an hour. This helps me burn off some energy and makes me more able to focus on school work. Of course - sleep. Sleep is so important and it improves your wellbeing. What we eat, our physical activity levels, our sleep habits, and lifestyle factors ranging from stress management to screen time have a tremendous effect on health – a fact that’s amplified for ADHD brains and bodies. Notes, reminders, and anchor words. I take notes on task and if it's school related subjects. They help me remember what I have temporarily forgot. Reminders for me I use my personal digital assistant. I link it to my school calendar as well as my business calendar. This allows me enough time to get ready or prepared without feeling rush which intensifies my ADHD. Anchor words such as project, event, etc., refocuses me. Right now my mom primarily uses the words. I am slowly starting to use them myself.

Although I may never be that person to slow down and smell the roses. I still appreciate them in theory. My condition is sometimes mistaken as having difficultly learning. For some this may be the case, I excel at school especially geography and Algebra. I am creative, developing characters that my brother turned into a book. I am Tony.

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Hard Work Leads to Greatness

Are you tired of hearing the phrase "success comes naturally"? Well, it's time to break that myth! The truth is greatness is achieved through hard work and dedication. It takes a lot of effort, perseverance, and patience to make your dreams come true. In this blog post, we'll explore how hard work leads to greatness and share some inspiring examples of people who have proven it true. So please sit back, grab a cup of coffee or a soda, and prepare for my insights on achieving success by putting in the work!

The benefits of hard work are many. Hard work leads to more significant opportunities, increased knowledge, and improved relationships. It also increases earnings, better health, and higher happiness levels. These benefits come from a strong work ethic and a commitment to working hard.

When it comes to opportunities, those who work hard usually have more doors open to them. Others often notice their dedication, leading to increased rewards and new job offers. They may also be given more responsibility at work, leading to even greater opportunities.

Hard workers also tend to have more knowledge than those who don’t put in the extra effort. They’re constantly learning new things and expanding their skill sets. This increased knowledge can make them more valuable employees and better people overall. I say this as someone who had little motivation for most of my life.

Finally, hard workers often enjoy better relationships both at work and in their personal lives. Their positive attitude and willingness to put in the extra work usually rubs off on those around them, making for happier relationships all around.

But be warned; it's not just sunshine and roses; there are many challenges associated with hard work, but they are all worth it in the end. Here are some of the most common challenges people face when they work hard:

1. Time Management: When you're working hard, it's easy to get bogged down in the details and lose track of time. That's why time management is so important. Schedule your time wisely and allow for breaks so you don't get burned out.

2. Procrastination: It's also easy to procrastinate when you're working hard. Again, time management is vital. Don't put off tasks that need to be done, or you'll never get them done. Make a plan and stick to it.

3. Distractions: Distractions can be a big problem when focusing on your work. Whether it's social media, your phone, or anything else, distractions can make it challenging to get things done. Again, time management is vital. Set aside specific times for working and stick to them. Turn off your phone or any other distractions during those times so you can focus on your work.

4. Overwork: Working too hard can lead to burnout and stress, impacting your personal and professional life. Once again, time management is vital here. Make sure you take breaks and don't try to do too much at once. Find a healthy balance between work and relaxation so you can stay healthy and

Now that we know it can be easy to become bogged down and discouraged when working hard toward a goal, let's discuss how we avoid this. It's important to remember that even small steps forward are progress. Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated when working hard:

1. Set realistic goals for yourself. Trying to accomplish too much at once can be overwhelming and lead to burnout. Break your goal down into smaller, more manageable pieces so you can see your progress along the way. This is actually how I started writing. I began with short stories and eventually ended up writing Eerily Wrinkling and the Podigal Return.

2. Find a support system. Whether it's a friend, family member, or coworker, having someone who believes in you and is rooting for your success can make a world of difference. Knowing that someone has your back will help you stay motivated even when things get tough.

3. Take care of yourself. This may seem like common sense, but it's important to remember that you can't pour from an empty cup. Make sure to take time for yourself – whether it's taking a break to relax or refueling with healthy food and exercise – so you can keep going strong.

4. Reward yourself along the way. Acknowledge your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem, with positive reinforcement like treats or checkmarks on a chart. Seeing evidence of your progress will help keep you motivated to continue working hard until you reach your goal!

In conclusion, hard work is essential for achieving success and greatness. There are no shortcuts or quick solutions, as hard work is the key to unlocking one’s fullest potential. If you keep working diligently and persistently towards your goals, putting in the effort will eventually pay off, and you will find yourself accomplishing things that once seemed impossible. Hard work truly pays off, so embrace the challenge wholeheartedly and strive to reach greater heights!

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Past Modeling5.jpg

Why Are We Not Talking About the Climate?

In fourth grade, we learned about the 'Greenhouse Effect' through an experiment using five jars, vinegar, baking soda, and saran wrap. Each jar was labeled differently - 1) Air 2) Baking Soda 3) Vinegar 4) Reaction. The 5th one was just - there (can't remember why).

The purpose of the experiment was to show the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar. Here's the cool part of the experiment - they exploded!!! Yes, they erupted, they were messy and man were they fun! Stuff was everywhere and my nine year old self had a blast.

My teacher explained that although the experiment was enjoyable the 'Greenhouse Effect' - not so much. The jars represented Earth surrounded by an atmosphere made up of gases. The saran wrap acted like a great big puffy coat of gas wrapped around Earth. The atmosphere traps the sun’s heat on the Earth’s surface making our planet perfect for living organisms. But the balance is delicate. The following disrupts this balance:

  • Generating power. Generating electricity and heat by burning fossil fuels causes a large chunk of global emissions. ...
  • Manufacturing goods. ...
  • Cutting down forests. ...
  • Using transportation. ...
  • Producing food. ...
  • Powering buildings. ...
  • Consuming too much

In the experiment, when the sun heated the jars that's when all of the cool stuff happened. But in real life, I choose not to Thanos snap.

The past few weeks Southern California aka SoCal aka my home has been experiencing radical and unstable weather not seen since the 1930s. Our mountains had 11" feet of snow in one week. Alaska averages 9.6 inches for the month of December.

While many were taking pictures and expressing how beautiful the mountains were and even how in Los Angeles our mountains are a luscious green versus the usual brown. This comes at a cost. Climate Change brings extreme weather. Just last year, 2022 had the driest January, February, and March in over 100 years! Now were have flash floods, mudslides, and snow. Why?

Here's the answer, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Average air temperatures have been warming across the planet for decades. The atmosphere holds more water vapor in some locations, increasing the potential for extreme rain and snow events. While less snow is falling in a warming world. Higher temperatures also allow the air to hold more water, creating additional precipitation. Climate Change caused the supercharged snow storms.

We have to start talking about the climate. Most people can agree that exploding or burning up is only cool when it's a jar full of gas. And freezing doesn't seem very cool either. I saw 'The Day After Tomorrow' .

So unless you have a ticket on one of those space ships to live outside Planet Earth - Climate Change should definitely be on everyone's mind

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Lessons Learned From Writing

Once upon a time, during the dark and isolated times of covid lockdown, thoughts of trying to be “good enough” raced through my head. Wanting nothing more than to feel overwhelming pride, I wrote 14 short stories and half a book before I turned 15. All while working on Eerily Wrinkling, my brainchild.

Shame hides in all sorts of packages. Everyone who has publicly produced anything of value has faced those voices that scream, “You’re not good enough!” and “You don’t know enough!” Acknowledging them hurt. It hurts a lot. Face the fear. Face it bravely. You can create something. So look fear straight in the eye and shout that you are worthy. You may have to say exclaim your worthiness repeatedly because the bellowing thunder that questions everyone's worthiness may reappear. It’s all part of the journey.

Once you stand up to your fears, people start projecting their fears onto you, sometimes through the proclamation of their love. Secretly they may fear losing you, so they’ll unintentionally try to keep you small to keep you for themselves.

Find a tribe. Find people who believe in you. Find those who admire your courageous, bright light instead of being blinded by it. Those who want to lift the lid off your unique box and see your creativity thrive. Only then will your critics see you’re serious; their criticism might melt into inspiration.

Another essential thing to remember is that the work will never be perfect. We are all human, and we need to accept that. This is hard for me. My family and the school system taught me that I could and should be perfect. I relished that feeling. I bathed in the glory of 100%. Then, I became an author. Where’s the 100%? Where’s the ceiling? When will it be perfect? I felt like Cell from Dragon Ball Z chasing an impossible goal that, in the end, could never be reached.

Anytime I found an error or a flaw, I would bathe in shame. Anytime I made a mistake, my heart would break. About a year and hundreds of errors later, I realized terrorization is a vital component of all critical learning systems. It hurts to lose, but you start to see the world differently. No longer is it the one you grew up in. Now it is a blank notebook with adjectives, nouns, and verbs everywhere.

In the real world, there’s no ceiling. Once I learned to see past my own conditioned fear, I realized imperfection is beautiful. Unlike a fantasy story, we as humans don't seek perfection. Our eyes truly can't witness such a thing without turning us mad. We never really think about it, but we are constantly on the unleveled ground thanks to the Earth's axis. Should we stand on a truly straight line, everything else will seem crooked, and we will never find anything else reasonable enough.

Every line divides your creative outlet and reality, not just with writing but with all art. Your outlet is a direct mirror of your existence. Whatever energy breeds in your day-to-day world will immediately show itself to your readers.

Everything I wrote that was full of authentic emotion got a genuine emotional reply. Everything I approached half-heartedly got no response. There’s no fooling the system. If you want to improve your art, improve yourself. It is the only way to grow. And don’t ever forget that you’re strong, powerful, and indestructible. You can do anything you want to, and you’re worth every bit.

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Change is constant. Not one day is the same as the other despite my life being very structured. Mom has us up by 6:30 every morning and by 7am we take our fur family out for our two mile walk. This walk is essential. This walk we talk, strategize, and just meditate. This walk jump starts our day. This begins our marathon.

A marathon is defined as enduranced foot race no less than 26 miles and named after the Greek Battle of Marathon, which occurred in 490 BCE. All marathans, there will be injuries and obstacles but rest stations as well. These rest stations are everything!

Being successful in a marathon depends on consistentcy, patience, and methodical training. Those are also to tools needed in life. Structure is key.

Life's journey is wildly unpredictable and if we're fortunate it will be long. Life is a marathon so take it slow and take it easy on yourself. You'll get there - I promise

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Critic Villians and Evil

Let's just get into the meat and potatoes of this, here is my plight with many fiction stories, especially those inspired by the world of Middle Earth: the main character is flawless. And I do mean flawless, as in the ideal. And the antagonist is just one big walking flaw of evil glop who goes around kicking puppies or blowing up planets.

They are almost always some good letter of the law, absolutely beautiful people who can never knowingly do anything wrong. It's seriously about always Good versus Evil – and the Good is too good, and the Evil is too evil.

Writing a good character is hard, so I understand many writers will take a few shortcuts. Writing evil characters, especially evil characters that people will still like enough to want to continue reading the book is even harder. My goal in writing this is to hopefully make an impact on someone and have them add a bit of depth to their villains.

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Ski Week

Snow are ice crystal that fall from the sky. Many songs and poems have been created to describe how seeing snow makes people feel.

For this SoCal kid, snow is an extended version of Winter Break. Were I live we call this Ski Week. Ski Week is an additional week usually after New Year's Day but falls during prime ski season. This year we spent Ski Week in Mammoth, a popular mountain about six hours north of Los Angeles. Mammoth was a blast and the snow - so soft like powder!

Powder snow is ideal for both skiers and snowboarders - which I am. It's soft and what folks call - untouched. I like it because you can cut deep into it to maximize your speed on a board. If it's too deep turning can be difficult but aside for that it is epic! I spend hours snowboarding, and falling.

We also played in the snow. Mammoth had storms coming through while we were there so we also had what is called packed powder. Packed powder is the snow that comes after a storm. Our mom wouldn't allow us on the slopes because packed powder can be uneven. So we stayed near the cabin making snow angels, forts for snow ball fights, of course snowmen, and making bad jokes about the snow like: “Hey, its a snow bank” “I wanna make a deposit” . This was fun.

Even though during our Ski Week we spent four days when we we were unable to leave the cabin we still made memories and spent time together. For me Ski Week 2023 was family time and I appreciated it.

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Avatar 2 and Movie Experiences Today

In 2009, with significant blockbuster endeavors exploding into movie theaters throughout the year, including Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Fast & Furious, and Terminator: Salvation, 20th the year closed out with the release of Avatar, an ambitious sci-fi blockbuster that set the bar high for visual effect storytelling—directed by James Cameron.

I remember fondly how my family and I went to the theaters a few days after its release to see what we thought was Avatar the Last Airbender. With a stroke of luck, we didn't know that film. Instead, we got tickets to Avatar. My four-year-old mind was blown; everything looked so real, the bad guy scared me, and I felt for the Na'vi the best a four-year-old could.

Believing this to be the end of my exploration of Pandora, knowing I would cherish that experience for years to come. And I did. Jump forward eleven years, and I saw a trailer for a sequel, the very same movie. My mind was blown. Excitement raced its I prepared to watch the film once it became available.

"The way of water has no beginning and no end. Our hearts beat in the womb of the world. Water connects all things, life to death and darkness to light. The sea gives, and the sea takes” (direct quote from the movie). Echoing saying that ripples across the lives of the Sully family, who find safety in a Metkayina clan village, learn the ways of the “reef people,” and soon prepare to defend themselves from the enemies pursuing them in the movie Avatar: The Way of Water. It elevates the narrative (and its characters) for another rousing, big-budgeted endeavor of visual storytelling that helps transcends the movie experience that’s both captivating and energizing the movie. While the narrative is a bit limp in a few areas, and the lengthy runtime could’ve been easily trimmed down, the movie itself was worth the wait and display and an excellent blockbuster sequel. I liked this movie. It sparked that same awe that ignited my four-year-old self many years ago.

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Santa Who?

Teenagers are asked too often to put aside their childish ways and embrace adulthood. Which would be okay - if we were adults.

This holiday season I learned how often teens are pressured into adulthood. This holiday season, AJ and I partnered with a great non-profit called The Book Truck. Their goal is to increase literacy skill among foster-care, homeless, and low-income teens. Teens are frequently overlooked for younger kids who can be manipulated into forgetting world issues by being gifted a doll or toy truck. Instead of solutions to real world issues like why kids diagnosed with a disability of any kind, including a learning disability, are twice as likely to age out of the foster care system. Kids who are from lower income households are 46% likely to attend a four-year college or that there are 700,00 homeless kids in America. These issues cannot be pacified by toys.

Teens all teens are still children and not adults. Treating teenagers like adults increases stress to their already troubled lives, and make it harder for them to keep up and cope with their mental health. Mental health is important to everyone and should be part of routine health care.

Although teens have outgrown their I believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy we are not adults. We are kids. All kids deserve to grown into adulthood with a promising future and not a food or book desert. So help out the few organizations that look out for teens because I'm all about teens helping teens.

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Fears Turn Into Dreams

I remember when I was in 3rd grade I was with a good friend of mine and we decided to "write a book". It was really just for fun as it was written on colored paper and I wasn't even the making the story but it did made me dream of future creative endevores. Now nearly nine years later I find myself afraid as a book I put my heart into is about to hit shelves.

I believe these fears are just since Tony usaully does all the talking and I am rather shy. Just the other day I woke up in a cold sweat believing I went up on stage and did something horribly embarrassing. But strangly enough I beleve these fears arn't purely negative. These fears that plagued me for the last week may in fact be training.

Some may ask training for what and I would respond "Everything" . The brain is a powerful muscle that is designed to give us the optimal brain power we can have at this given time. It is my belief that my brain is preparing me on what not to do and how to avoid it. If I am being truthful I still fear talking to large groups even about something I am passionate about but I beleve these fears can turn into dreams. These fears and anixites will make us stronger if we trust ourselves and do our best.

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Becoming One with Hal Sapone

Preparing for the Book Launch Party on Sunday, December 19th is all I can think about at this time. Well, techinically not the party itself but the Murder Mystery element. It's kinda exciting to plan the scenes and evidentually make the character come alive. Since the event is a Great Gatsby aka Roaring 20s theme so is the Murder Mystery.

My character is Hal Sapone - a play on words from the notorious Al Capone and yes, I am the local gangster. I plan on being dressed from top to bottom in traditional 1920s gangster attire and will have my fellow right hand person Jackie 'The Legs' Emerald and trusty canine Astrid the Mouth by my side.

Role playing is everything in acting! It offers authentic context that provides situations where other actors can be comfortable to speak, respond, initiate ideas, argue, be tentative and reflect while engaging with the audience. As the odvious antagonist my motivations are in conflict with other characters, but I can still function on all sides during the game. Antagonists are core rule book for a role playing game because both the players and audience take on the roles of morally gray characters of notable import embedded within an aggressively expansionistic empire. It's very different from playing the villan. A villain is usually played by the game master or one leading the direction of the game and is working in direct opposition to the players adn misdirection to the audience, whereas playing as an antagonist tests your party's boundaries while still considering your character a part of the group. I can play funny, cocky and obnoxious a the same time. Villains are evil, through and through. Their motivations are evil as well as their actions. As the antagonist, I oppose the protagonist. I create conflict with the main character. I am complicated.

For the next few weeks, I will work on being complicated and strive to create conflict. Hopefully, I will be successful and the Murder Mystery will be a hit. If not, at least I'll still have Astrid.

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Love For Art

From a young age, I have always loved art. I find it interesting that art, to most people, refers only to painting, drawings, sculptures, and the like. I agree those are art forms, but what makes us different from a monkey kicking over a bucket of paint? Art can be many things, in my opinion, from movies, stage plays, music, literature, raw emotions, puzzles, and even cooking.

Recently Tony and I went to an art Galla where we saw countless art pieces. I could physically feel the passion, hard work, and dedication it took to make each piece. It really made me think about what art meant to me, or if I could even express the emotion it brought out. But by the end of the night, I had a few words that perfectly describe art to me.

Love for the craft. Even in my least favorite novels, paintings, dances, and songs, I can feel their heart and soul being put into the work. It's almost like they're putting a part of themself into the work. That feeling I get comes even when someone purposely attempts to make something undesirable, like a line on a piece of scratch paper or a dance with zero rhythm. I think passion is art, and that's what makes us different from a monkey kicking over a bucket of paint.

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Generation Z Online Scams

As a Gen Z internet is integrated in my mainframe – no pun intended. I received my first tablet when I was two and have been attached to some tool to connect to the world wide web in some way. So how did I get scammed?

Scammers are crafty and spend multiple hours finding ways to target children and teens including everything from online shopping fraud to gaming scams. As a teen we are vigilant about phishing scams, talent scouting scams to “free” service scams. Those can be easy to identify. Online gaming scams are not the traditional instinctual barriers so the rules that are associated with text messages, Facebook, Tik Tok etc. do not apply. That’s why, I didn’t expect one of my ‘friends’ online offering “skins” to include “skins” and malware.

Let’s start at the beginning. Skins is a graphic download that can change the appearance of a character in a game. Sometimes you can ‘skin gamble’ meaning gamers exchange virtual goods for virtual chips aka virtual money. This is how I got caught up. I know enough to not share any credit card information online but when the ‘skins’ where exchanged a hidden link was embedded that unbeknownst to me downloaded malware or spyware on the gaming computer. Malwares bore deep into computer systems and can spread through networks. They can crack weak passwords and slow down your computer.

Fortunately, this was the gaming computer but sometimes my brother and I handle some work-related business on it. Which is not allowed but when you’re a teen and you don’t want to get up and walk all the way into the other room to use the work computer – you use the gaming computer. Because this computer did not give the scammer full access to ALL personal and business information. It did give them enough access to steal a few thousand dollars.

What type of scams are out there for kids to be aware of? Here’s a few and to handle them:

  1. Fake contest – these types of scams encourage kids to enter a fraudulent contest that requires a small fee or they will send you an email that you’ve already won. These are kind of easy to spot because no one can win a contest when they haven’t entered a contest.
  2. Pop-up scams – these are items that randomly pop-up on your screen . These are super annoying, and few gamers will click these because they interrupt the game
  3. Online Quizzes – They come off as silly or fun, but they are designed to gather personal info like name, where you live or favorite things. Quizzes are for school – not for the internet. Avoid these like you avoid Types of Probability in math class
  4. Money Scams – scammers will send a text and claim that money was sent in error and will ask for the money to be returned. I find sticking to the golden rule: Finder’s keepers, losers weepers will stop this scam.
  5. Financial Aid Scam – these types of scams will randomly reach out for you to apply to a bogus college grants, financial aid or scholarships. They will require an upfront application fee. Naturally, a bank or credit card information will be asked upfront. Millennials are literally marching in the streets and calling financial aid predatory. Seriously, stay far away from any and everything ‘financial aid’ related.
  6. Free Service Scam – internet is littered with ‘free’ services but if they charge a recurring subscription fee. Is it really free? If it’s not free, then the whole ‘free’ thing is a farce

How can we protect ourselves? Easy work with your parent, guardian, or trusted adult. Even if you think that computers have changed, they have been around a lot longer than us and can easily spot a scam before us. Also do not ever disclose the following information:

  • Your real name – there’s a reason that ‘usernames’ were created
  • Address – no one should be coming to visit you. If they ask where you live tell them “Planet Earth”.
  • Birth date – I mean why would anyone need to know this? If it’s a horoscope thing just tell them you’re an Aquarius riding the curtails of a Pisces but have mood swings of a Gemini
  • School – we must spend so many hours during the day there. When out of school – it should be forgotten
  • Social Security Number – if you’re a kid and you memorized yours. You are seriously doing way too much and should know that this should never be shared.
  • Phone number – there’s a reason What’s App was created
  • Payment card or bank account number – hard stop – just don’t share
  • Passwords – this is like covid and should never be shared

As a kid, we’re going to mess up. If you’re me, you’ll mess up A LOT but that a screw up is not the end all. It just means that I am still learning and growing even if I think I know everything. The scammer who got me also made me humble. They reminded me that I still have a lot to learn and my familiarity with technology created a false sense of security that left me highly susceptible to being scammed. I guess that’s why growing up takes so many years.


DnD Movie

I do enjoy a good fantasy adventure flick although this trailer doesn’t really look that good….my opinion. I am a huge fan of dnd and love tales of good and evil, knights and dragons, and a host of other fantasy creatures. This trailer (or rather the presentation of the trailer) looks a bit “meh” to me. I do, however, love the film’s cast, which all of them are recognizable. I am excited for that. While I am still holding my reservations about the movie as a whole, I'm somewhat interested in seeing how Honor Among Thieves plays out. Only time will tell if this feature will be received amongst critics and moviegoers. Hoping for the best!

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Growing Pains

Went back to school but it’s virtual so nothing much changes except life is more structured. It’s only been a few weeks, but I still miss the freedom of heading to the beach or skatepark on a whim. Summer represents – childhood and the return to school giving me growing pains.

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong. -Mandy Hale

I’ve been fortunate that I am encouraged to follow my dreams and nurture my talent. I have taken so many lessons like dance, surfing, skateboarding, karate, parkour, piano, guitar, acting and so many more. When you’re in kindergarten everyone is pretty much doing the same thing and playdates are the norm. As I have gotten older and my lessons longer - playdates dwindled. At first, the change was hard for me because I value my friendships. I tried to stay connected with everyone and with the virtual games it was easy – at first. Then 2019 came like a wave and my acting opportunities increased along with my lessons. I was super busy, and my friends were busy as well. COVID slowed everyone down and again we connected virtually. Until my mom put a limit on internet usage.

As I struggled to the new COVID norm and zero outside interaction. Boredom loomed and my creative juices were stagnant. Mom said that I needed an outlet and gave me a painting easel and sketch book. I spent hours drawing different characters and having them come to life in my head. Mom encouraged AJ and I to creative something together because AJ too was struggling. AJ an advent DnD participant – he’s usually the Dungeon Master went that route. Since I don’t take direction well from other kids. our union – sucked. My characters had no place in AJ’s DnD world and I really didn’t like his DnD world – seriously a swarm of locus was needed to wipe it out.

Again, mom to the rescue. She suggested instead of playing DnD maybe create a new game where my characters thrived, and AJ could just tell a story about the characters. That is how he created – Eerily Wrinkling. My characters grew and AJ introduced a few of his own. Between COVID school, lessons, limited internet usage and Eerily Wrinkling. Our world at home transformed. I still missed life before COVID but Eerily Wrinkling made it a lot better.

It has been over 2 years since AJ invented Eerily Wrinkling. Always encouraging, mom convinced him to turn it into a book and using my characters! A new world was opening to us but only a few friends are following me on this journey. Change is painful. Again, I tried in vain to keep everyone together, but I have moved passed just playing video games. I like them but I also envision creating my own. I have also made new friends who use their creative juices to create their own music, skits on social platforms, and just accepting where I currently am. AJ’s book launch party will have a Murder Mystery element that I am really enjoying setting it up with my new friends.

Yes, growing pains is hard. Growing away from friends is hard. But growing is something will grow from all you go through and at the end will be - you


Short Stories

Much like our lives, short stories are brief and end abruptly. They summon entire worlds in just a few pages and then bow out, with startling precision and compression. It is a delicate balance, and such delicate work requires small hands.

Jamaica Kincaid’s short story “Girl,” manages to show the narrator’s entire childhood in a just a few paragraphs. There's Tobias Wolff’s “Bullet in the Brain,” shows the narrator’s life flash before his eyes at the same time that it subverts the life-in-review cliché. Or Charlotte Gilman's, “The Yellow Wall Paper” with its amazing show of maddness.

No one who’s studied the short story can disagree that it is a challenging form that requires great control and skill. And yet, the novel is the favored literary form in the US. My question is why is that.

I am a huge fan of short stories and have written nearly two dozen since December of 2020. I’ve frequently been told that if I want to be a serious writer, writing a novel was key. Around this time I also began writing my first novel. Still I question, why is the short story, a form with such an extraordinary tradition, considered to be minor?

It goes without saying that commercial appeal is no measure of the success of a piece of literary art. Poets strike me as more comfortable with that assessment, perhaps because they’ve long accepted that their books might not sell well. Is monetary reward the end goal?

Writing is my passion despit it at times feeling like an impossible task. A good short story gives a jolt to the system. It offers you the world and then pulls the rug out from under your feet. Junot Díaz puts it perfectly: “Short stories are acts of bravura, and for a form junkie like me, to read a good one has all the thrill of watching a high-wire act. When the writer pulls it off sentence by sentence scene by scene page after page from first touch to last, you almost forget to breathe.”


I skateboard therefore I am

Skateboarding is a lot like life. Sometimes you execute a trick successfully. Other times, you fall on your face, need Neosporin and a band aid. Then continue with your day.

Learning a new trick or mastering a difficult one is the building blocks of how to tackle everyday challenges. You first must research the trick itself. Break it down move by move to understand how it works. Then you learn several ways how not to do the trick before finally – execution.

Patience is another key element that you must have, and I often run out of. I am constantly on the go and don’t want to slow down. Even to read the instructions – I’m a work in progress. I can say that my patience is better today than it was yesterday.

Hard work, this comes from my mom. It is woven into my DNA. I enjoy learning new things and don’t mind dedicating countless hours to learning how do a particular project.

When you’re feeling defeated that you just can’t complete the task in front of you. I encourage you to apply the strategy I use to perfect aka execute the trick. It will take patience, hard work, a lot of Neosporin and band aids but you will get there.

Stranger AJ.jpg

My experience with card games

There was a time in my life when I was living and breathing online digital collectible card games. Daily, Yugioh Duel was my go to for years. Several times I hit gold rank once even platinum and experienced immensed enjoy – until I didn’t. Five months ago I stopped playing to go on a much needed family vacation resulting in a one week break. The week break turned into two and eventually months. Choosing not to open the game I returned to books (The Expanse and The Age of Maddness - which are excellent) as well as shows (Arcane and Stranger Things 4 - were AMAZING). It’s been a nice break from the card-game scene.

Until a few weeks ago where I learned of Inscryption a semi new card game with a nice mix of ttrpg aka tabletop role playing game. Again, finding myself being drawn into the world that Leshy built. 'An overwhelming thrill of feeling transported into a forest dealing with countless animals blocking my path. It was exhilarating! The passion for dnd style games and roleplay in general returned with a vengeance. Slowly, found myself playing in a much larger story with clues crossing between other games, occassionally even real life.

All these secrets made an already interesting story, a mind blowing experience that I oh to happy to venture through. Somehow super charged my new found enjoyment out of card games. I always thought they were gatcha games designed to make you spend the most money possible. Understanding now, they can be used to tell stories on a scale relative to other storytelling methods such as music.

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Thinking Out Loud

When I was asked to write a blog. One thought ran through my head.

Do folks really want to hear what I have to say?

My mom explained that a blog is just someone thinking out loud and that my voice/opinion matters. So here's my opinion.

We have to slow down. We are moving too fast. Rushing from place to place. Trying to exist within these ridiculous time restraints. That we are losing sight of what's important - living. Which are, living to spend quality time with our family. Living to spend meaningful time with our friends. Living to spend much needed time with ourselves.

To hangout, I prefer the beach. The sound of the waves and feel of sand between my toes. Allows my mind to be in the moment. I talk to myself- sometimes out loud 😃 but I'm also listening to myself. I remind myself of what I like. What I don't like. I'm kinder to myself for making mistakes. Especially, when I didn't know something. I'm also stern with myself for making 'informed mistakes'. It happens because I'm moving too fast and forget.

This thing called life we're in it to the end. It's up to every individual on how they want to live theirs. For me, I'm living my life to the fullest. Expressing myself. Loving myself and cherishing my time with myself. While keeping the planet clean and healthy because there isn't a Planet B 🌎

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Summer Solstice is the Season for Being Daring

Most people fast or diet during after the new year waiting for the summer months to show off their physiques. We'll call them the 'mixers'. Mixers enjoy mingling and being around others. COVID was a huge drag for them because they were unable to be seen. They missed the energy that you can only get from being near others. Then there's the others like myself. I'm a 'thinker'. Not saying that mixers don't think - they do. They just think about other stuff. Thinkers we ponder about new ideas. Alternative worlds that only thinkers like ourselves exist and hang out. We're the ones who appreciated the solitude of being at home. The quick travel from bed to desk for class. Nothing could beat attending Zoom classes dressed in my favorite plaid Spiderman lounge pants and a t-shirt. It was heavenly.

Not that I'm saying that thinkers don't like to interact because we do. Attending Comic Con or Anime Expo is like Homecoming or Prom. Throw in an Escape Room and now you're having a real party. So what's so special about Anime Expo or Comic Con? It's the excitement of seeing your favorite character - live. To learn their back stories and speak with the developers. Not to mention the creativity that goes into the costumes - it's like watching a painter while painting a masterpiece. It's art.

Why are Escape Rooms so popular? It's the feeling of accomplishment when you figure it out. And if you don't figure it out - this will happen. You're hanging with you friends and learning how to work as a team. Since we all have to live on the same planet. This is a good thing.

Whether you're a mixer, a thinker or a little bit of both. Be unapologetically you. You have to live with yourself so you may as well like yourself. Till next time

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