Summer Solstice is the Season for Being Daring

Most people fast or diet during after the new year waiting for the summer months to show off their physiques. We'll call them the 'mixers'. Mixers enjoy mingling and being around others. COVID was a huge drag for them because they were unable to be seen. They missed the energy that you can only get from being near others. Then there's the others like myself. I'm a 'thinker'. Not saying that mixers don't think - they do. They just think about other stuff. Thinkers we ponder about new ideas. Alternative worlds that only thinkers like ourselves exist and hang out. We're the ones who appreciated the solitude of being at home. The quick travel from bed to desk for class. Nothing could beat attending Zoom classes dressed in my favorite plaid Spiderman lounge pants and a t-shirt. It was heavenly.

Not that I'm saying that thinkers don't like to interact because we do. Attending Comic Con or Anime Expo is like Homecoming or Prom. Throw in an Escape Room and now you're having a real party. So what's so special about Anime Expo or Comic Con? It's the excitement of seeing your favorite character - live. To learn their back stories and speak with the developers. Not to mention the creativity that goes into the costumes - it's like watching a painter while painting a masterpiece. It's art.

Why are Escape Rooms so popular? It's the feeling of accomplishment when you figure it out. And if you don't figure it out - this will happen. You're hanging with you friends and learning how to work as a team. Since we all have to live on the same planet. This is a good thing.

Whether you're a mixer, a thinker or a little bit of both. Be unapologetically you. You have to live with yourself so you may as well like yourself. Till next time