Santa Who?

Teenagers are asked too often to put aside their childish ways and embrace adulthood. Which would be okay - if we were adults.

This holiday season I learned how often teens are pressured into adulthood. This holiday season, AJ and I partnered with a great non-profit called The Book Truck. Their goal is to increase literacy skill among foster-care, homeless, and low-income teens. Teens are frequently overlooked for younger kids who can be manipulated into forgetting world issues by being gifted a doll or toy truck. Instead of solutions to real world issues like why kids diagnosed with a disability of any kind, including a learning disability, are twice as likely to age out of the foster care system. Kids who are from lower income households are 46% likely to attend a four-year college or that there are 700,00 homeless kids in America. These issues cannot be pacified by toys.

Teens all teens are still children and not adults. Treating teenagers like adults increases stress to their already troubled lives, and make it harder for them to keep up and cope with their mental health. Mental health is important to everyone and should be part of routine health care.

Although teens have outgrown their I believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy we are not adults. We are kids. All kids deserve to grown into adulthood with a promising future and not a food or book desert. So help out the few organizations that look out for teens because I'm all about teens helping teens.

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