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My experience with card games

There was a time in my life when I was living and breathing online digital collectible card games. Daily, Yugioh Duel was my go to for years. Several times I hit gold rank once even platinum and experienced immensed enjoy – until I didn’t. Five months ago I stopped playing to go on a much needed family vacation resulting in a one week break. The week break turned into two and eventually months. Choosing not to open the game I returned to books (The Expanse and The Age of Maddness - which are excellent) as well as shows (Arcane and Stranger Things 4 - were AMAZING). It’s been a nice break from the card-game scene.

Until a few weeks ago where I learned of Inscryption a semi new card game with a nice mix of ttrpg aka tabletop role playing game. Again, finding myself being drawn into the world that Leshy built. 'An overwhelming thrill of feeling transported into a forest dealing with countless animals blocking my path. It was exhilarating! The passion for dnd style games and roleplay in general returned with a vengeance. Slowly, found myself playing in a much larger story with clues crossing between other games, occassionally even real life.

All these secrets made an already interesting story, a mind blowing experience that I oh to happy to venture through. Somehow super charged my new found enjoyment out of card games. I always thought they were gatcha games designed to make you spend the most money possible. Understanding now, they can be used to tell stories on a scale relative to other storytelling methods such as music.