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Change is constant. Not one day is the same as the other despite my life being very structured. Mom has us up by 6:30 every morning and by 7am we take our fur family out for our two mile walk. This walk is essential. This walk we talk, strategize, and just meditate. This walk jump starts our day. This begins our marathon.

A marathon is defined as enduranced foot race no less than 26 miles and named after the Greek Battle of Marathon, which occurred in 490 BCE. All marathans, there will be injuries and obstacles but rest stations as well. These rest stations are everything!

Being successful in a marathon depends on consistentcy, patience, and methodical training. Those are also to tools needed in life. Structure is key.

Life's journey is wildly unpredictable and if we're fortunate it will be long. Life is a marathon so take it slow and take it easy on yourself. You'll get there - I promise

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