I skateboard therefore I am

Skateboarding is a lot like life. Sometimes you execute a trick successfully. Other times, you fall on your face, need Neosporin and a band aid. Then continue with your day.

Learning a new trick or mastering a difficult one is the building blocks of how to tackle everyday challenges. You first must research the trick itself. Break it down move by move to understand how it works. Then you learn several ways how not to do the trick before finally – execution.

Patience is another key element that you must have, and I often run out of. I am constantly on the go and don’t want to slow down. Even to read the instructions – I’m a work in progress. I can say that my patience is better today than it was yesterday.

Hard work, this comes from my mom. It is woven into my DNA. I enjoy learning new things and don’t mind dedicating countless hours to learning how do a particular project.

When you’re feeling defeated that you just can’t complete the task in front of you. I encourage you to apply the strategy I use to perfect aka execute the trick. It will take patience, hard work, a lot of Neosporin and band aids but you will get there.