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Critic Villians and Evil

Let's just get into the meat and potatoes of this, here is my plight with many fiction stories, especially those inspired by the world of Middle Earth: the main character is flawless. And I do mean flawless, as in the ideal. And the antagonist is just one big walking flaw of evil glop who goes around kicking puppies or blowing up planets.

They are almost always some good letter of the law, absolutely beautiful people who can never knowingly do anything wrong. It's seriously about always Good versus Evil – and the Good is too good, and the Evil is too evil.

Writing a good character is hard, so I understand many writers will take a few shortcuts. Writing evil characters, especially evil characters that people will still like enough to want to continue reading the book is even harder. My goal in writing this is to hopefully make an impact on someone and have them add a bit of depth to their villains.