Becoming One with Hal Sapone

Preparing for the Book Launch Party on Sunday, December 19th is all I can think about at this time. Well, techinically not the party itself but the Murder Mystery element. It's kinda exciting to plan the scenes and evidentually make the character come alive. Since the event is a Great Gatsby aka Roaring 20s theme so is the Murder Mystery.

My character is Hal Sapone - a play on words from the notorious Al Capone and yes, I am the local gangster. I plan on being dressed from top to bottom in traditional 1920s gangster attire and will have my fellow right hand person Jackie 'The Legs' Emerald and trusty canine Astrid the Mouth by my side.

Role playing is everything in acting! It offers authentic context that provides situations where other actors can be comfortable to speak, respond, initiate ideas, argue, be tentative and reflect while engaging with the audience. As the odvious antagonist my motivations are in conflict with other characters, but I can still function on all sides during the game. Antagonists are core rule book for a role playing game because both the players and audience take on the roles of morally gray characters of notable import embedded within an aggressively expansionistic empire. It's very different from playing the villan. A villain is usually played by the game master or one leading the direction of the game and is working in direct opposition to the players adn misdirection to the audience, whereas playing as an antagonist tests your party's boundaries while still considering your character a part of the group. I can play funny, cocky and obnoxious a the same time. Villains are evil, through and through. Their motivations are evil as well as their actions. As the antagonist, I oppose the protagonist. I create conflict with the main character. I am complicated.

For the next few weeks, I will work on being complicated and strive to create conflict. Hopefully, I will be successful and the Murder Mystery will be a hit. If not, at least I'll still have Astrid.

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