Avatar 2 and Movie Experiences Today

In 2009, with significant blockbuster endeavors exploding into movie theaters throughout the year, including Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Fast & Furious, and Terminator: Salvation, 20th the year closed out with the release of Avatar, an ambitious sci-fi blockbuster that set the bar high for visual effect storytelling—directed by James Cameron.

I remember fondly how my family and I went to the theaters a few days after its release to see what we thought was Avatar the Last Airbender. With a stroke of luck, we didn't know that film. Instead, we got tickets to Avatar. My four-year-old mind was blown; everything looked so real, the bad guy scared me, and I felt for the Na'vi the best a four-year-old could.

Believing this to be the end of my exploration of Pandora, knowing I would cherish that experience for years to come. And I did. Jump forward eleven years, and I saw a trailer for a sequel, the very same movie. My mind was blown. Excitement raced its I prepared to watch the film once it became available.

"The way of water has no beginning and no end. Our hearts beat in the womb of the world. Water connects all things, life to death and darkness to light. The sea gives, and the sea takes” (direct quote from the movie). Echoing saying that ripples across the lives of the Sully family, who find safety in a Metkayina clan village, learn the ways of the “reef people,” and soon prepare to defend themselves from the enemies pursuing them in the movie Avatar: The Way of Water. It elevates the narrative (and its characters) for another rousing, big-budgeted endeavor of visual storytelling that helps transcends the movie experience that’s both captivating and energizing the movie. While the narrative is a bit limp in a few areas, and the lengthy runtime could’ve been easily trimmed down, the movie itself was worth the wait and display and an excellent blockbuster sequel. I liked this movie. It sparked that same awe that ignited my four-year-old self many years ago.

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